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27th March, 2019

TCCE Creative Entrepreneurship Forum – Ideas and Best Practice Exchange

Event Details

27th March, 2019
17:00 - 19:30
London South Bank University
Room K-407
Keyworth Centre, Keyworth St
£0 – £50

The TCCE Creative Entrepreneurship Forum reconvenes with a meeting that aims to:

  • Share experiences and thinking around the coming together of academic life, enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Identify opportunities and also problematise the ‘marriage’ of academic enquiry with entrepreneurial activity and ethos
  • Share best practice around supporting staff /student enterprise initiatives in the creative and cultural industries sector
  • Consider effective ways of embedding enterprise and entrepreneurship in the curricula

At a time when it is widely acknowledged that the value of enterprise and entrepreneurship education ‘has never been more important’ (British Council 2017) it is also important to ask critical questions about the coming together of enterprise and higher education.

The TCCE Creative Entrepreneurship Forum invites colleagues to come together to discuss opportunities and challenges in the marriage between higher education and enterprise /entrepreneurship. How can we capitalise on the opportunities that a more entrepreneurial approach to HE provides for students, staff, academic institutions, communities and the wider cultural and creative industries sector? And how can we problematise the challenges that might emerge from those collaborative practices that often seek to shake-up academic traditions?

The event’s focus is twofold: on the one hand, we want to hear about colleagues’ experiences in their attempts to embed enterprise in the curricula, share best practice across Institutions, learn from each other, and identify potential collaborative initiatives and projects; on the other, we want to take a critical stance in considering both opportunities and challenges. It is just over a decade since HEA and NESTA published ‘Creating Entrepreneurship: Higher Education and the Creative Industries’ (2007), which was followed by guides such as the European Union’s ‘Entrepreneurship Education – A Guide for Educators’ (2014) and, more recently, EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework(2016) for improving entrepreneurial capacity across Europe.

We’d now like to take a step back, survey the terrain and reflect – what comes next?

Conveners: Dr Maria Chatzichristodoulou, Dr Marcus O’Dair, Suzie Leighton

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