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29th November, 2018

Trans-Atlantic Platform Social Innovation Call

The Trans-Atlantic Platform (T-AP) is a collaboration among key humanities and social science funders in Europe and the Americas. T-AP aims to enhance transnational research collaboration and has identified, with the help of the humanities and social sciences research communities, a series of common challenges and strategic priority areas where such collaboration will bring added value.

Following on from the successful T-AP Digging into Data Challenges we are pleased to confirm our participation in the new T-AP Social Innovation Call (T-AP-SI). The call is intended to support excellent humanities and/or social science research that can contribute meaningfully to the understanding of societal transformations and the role of social innovation by integrating the local, national, and global levels, as well as the diverse human activities related to the public, social, and private spheres.

The transatlantic collaboration in this research call will facilitate:

  • addressing social challenges faced on both sides of the Atlantic (e.g. digital divide; urban and rural developments and cohesion; access to public services and infrastructure; ethnic conflicts; gender, human rights and legislation; the current state of democracy; equality and social, political and human values; migration-related issues);
  • learning from the experiences of multi-sectoral collaboration for social innovation practiced on both sides of the Atlantic (e.g. innovative forms of economic organisation; new (digital) technologies and accessibility; global and local environmental issues and sustainable development; strategies for social cohesion; integration of health and social care services; improvement of education and overcoming of linguistic barriers);
  • the applying and adapting of approaches from one locale to another;
  • generalising and/or scaling-up of local experiences.

The UK funding bodies are the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), who are making a total of £1.5M available for this activity. Any number of eligible UK institutions can form a combined UK team and the partners should identify one institution as the lead.

Maximum funding per awarded project is £200,000 (at 100% Full Economic Costs (fEC).

Please see the T-AP-SI website for more details.

Applicants must apply as a transnational research project partnership, and partner with a number of national research teams based in the participating T-AP SI countries. Each project must:

  • comprise at least three eligible research partners requiring financial support from funders located in three different T-AP SI participating countries;
  • include research partners from both sides of the Atlantic, i.e., from Europe 2 and the Americas;
  • ensure teams in each country are led by an eligible Principal Investigator and designate one of the Principal Investigators as the project’s Lead Principal Investigator; and
  • if the project is requesting funds from more than one funding organisation within the same country, only one Principal Investigator may be designated as the lead for that country.

Each project should have a duration ranging between 24 (twenty-four) and 36 (thirty-six) months.

The deadline for proposals is 14 February 2019, 2PM CET 

More information can be found here.

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