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10th December, 2018

Take Back Control: Empowering People in the Welfare State


Event Details

10th December, 2018
17:30 - 19:30
Lecture Theatre 1, Cruciform Building

The welfare state lifted millions out of poverty, created decent homes, provided health care free at the point of delivery, and education for all. But is the current welfare state fit for the 21st century?

In an evening of discussion, four speakers bring their different positive and constructive experiences to these challenges. Afterward, audience questions will be sought by the event Chair, former Leader of the Labour Party, the Right Hon Ed Miliband MP.

Rt Hon Ed Miliband, Chair, Former leader of the UK Labour Party and Labour MP for Doncaster North.
Hilary Cottam, Social scientist, innovator and author of Radical Help: How We Can Remake the Relationships Between Us & Revolutionise the Welfare State.
Helen Killaspy, UCL, Psychiatrist, National Professional Adviser to the Care Quality Commission for mental health rehabilitation services.
Anthony Costello, UCL, Former WHO director of maternal, child and adolescent health, and author of The Social Edge. The Power of Sympathy Groups for our Health, Wealth and Sustainable Future.

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