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5th December, 2018

Luminary Lecture Series: Peter McLeish


Event Details

5th December, 2018
17:00 - 18:00
The John Lennon Art and Design Building

This lecture will include short film presentations such as:

Lightning’s Angels: An art interpretation of Red Sprites seen from above or from high altitude aircraft and/or Space Shuttle, accompanied by the song MISERERE featuring the Joyful Company of Singers.

About Peter McLeish
Peter McLeish is a Canadian born painter/multi-media artist/filmmaker. Peter’s initial education was in mathematics and physics, followed by studying painting under renowned Canadian painters Guido Molinari and Yves Gaucher at Concordia University in Montreal. 

Peter employs encaustic painting (a mixture of mineral spirits, beeswax and oil paint) with rags and paper towels to create his work. He has presented more than 80 solo and group exhibitions and/or film presentations and lectures in over 60 cities in countries including Australia, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Argentina, New Zealand, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Germany and Italy.

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