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2nd October, 2018

Michela Franceschelli ‘Screening of the film ‘Ccà semo, here we are. Lives on hold in Lampedusa’


Event Details

2nd October, 2018
13:00 - 14:00
TCRU Library , Thomas Coram Research Unit
27-28 Woburn Square
London WC1H 0AA

Michela Franceschelli, Lecturer, TCRU

Lampedusa – Italy’s most southerly territory at 205 km off the coast of Sicily – is the first port of arrival to Europe for the thousands attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea. As the number of incoming migrants has increased throughout the years, the island has turned from a mere tourist destination to a site of increasing public and media attention, with images that reify and broadcast contradictory representations of the local community of islanders. Hence, Lampedusa has been presented through these contradictions, depicted either as the island of hospitality – exemplified by the provision of essential support to migrants and campaigns for their rights – or as a site of hostility which in its context has acquired a specific meaning and has been addressed to specific actors, particularly the ‘absent Italian state’.

This seminar will involve the screening of the film documentary – ‘Ccà semo, here we are. Lives on hold in Lampedusa’.

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