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20th July, 2018

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse


Event Details

20th July, 2018
18:30 -
Grimond Seminar 2

Silke Grygier, founder of the Not The Only One Project, will be facilitating the final of 5 Survivor Forums.

The main aim of this format is to create a safe space for survivors of sexual abuse to come together, meet others, share experiences, and discuss the issues and themes which affect them. The experience of being in a space with other survivors, can be hugely empowering for survivors and can alleviate common feelings of shame, stigma, and isolation, and foster experiences of connection and feeling understood.

The first one or two forums are usually open in topic, to allow for participants to explore and bring themes they find important. Subsequently, forums might focus on a particular theme which seemed important, or include workshops on specific issues. In the Survivors’ Collective Silke has facilitated forums on themes such as ‘access to healthcare’, ‘media representation’, ‘our experience in education & the workplace’, and workshops such as ‘speaking out’, ‘connecting to our body’, as well as a ‘giving testimony session’ where survivors had the opportunity to tell their story.

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