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25th July, 2018

The Burial at Thebes


Event Details

25th July, 2018
End Date:
28th July, 2018
Embassy Theatre
£10/ £5 concessions

The war is over, but the conflict is not. Seamus Heaney’s poetic rendering of Sophocles’ great tragedy, explores the social tension present immediately post-war. Where do our loyalties lie, with family or state?

This strikingly beautiful and intense retelling of Antigone’s story delves into the sacrifices made by those who engage in non-violent civil disobedience, how institutional power can lack a human heart, and how peace after war is never simple to achieve. What is the cost when the dissident speaks ‘truth to power’? The political world leaves little space for love, but love is also dangerous in her demands.

‘Love leads the good astray,
Plays havoc in heart and home;
You, love, here and now
In this tormented house
Are letting madness loose.’

Director Martin Wylde
Set & Costume Designer Sammy Dowson

Performed by MA Acting Classical students

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