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13th June, 2018

i can hear the heart beating as one

Event Details

13th June, 2018
End Date:
14th June, 2018
RCS, 100 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G2 3DB
£5.20 - £8.50

i can feel the heart beating as one is an ensemble performance that takes the shape of a pseudo-spiritual new age fitness class attempting to induce a state of transcendental trance whereby one can leave their flesh vessel behind to travel towards a new dimension. An invitation to momentarily escape the existential abyss induced by 21st century living.

we have entered the endtimes
it cannot be avoided.
everything we have ever known to be certain is a lie.
the collapse is imminent.
pack up your worries and woes,
and let us leave them behind.
along with all of your earthly possessions.
you won’t need them where we’re going.
and we’ll be going together,
wherever that might be.
let’s face the collapse of it all
time, space, reality, culture, and history
as one.

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