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17th March, 2018


GuildhallSchool Red

Event Details

17th March, 2018
End Date:
18th March, 2018
Barbican Highwalks

Explore the labrynthine spaces of the Barbican Highwalks and learn the City of London’s stories in this interactive performance piece with Guildhall School students and artist Andy Field.

Satellites is a new performance for the Barbican Highwalks created by Andy Field in collaboration with performers from Guildhall School’s BA Performance & Creative Enterprise, and commissioned by the Barbican and the Museum of London. In it the walkways and spaces stand in for the whole city of London, imagined through a constellation of intimate encounters with over a dozen young artists, each of whom has their own story of the city to share.

Audience members are invited to wander across this space, seeking out performers and hearing what they have to tell them.  Satellites telescopes together past, present and future into a fractured portrait of London as a city that is at once real and imagined, vast and intimate, as precarious as its inhabitants and as concrete as the Highwalks themselves.

About Andy Field

Andy Field is an artist, writer, and the co-director of the performance collective Forest Fringe. He creates formally unusual projects that invite us to consider our relationships both to the spaces we inhabit and the people around us. Over the last decade this has manifested itself across a range of forms and disciplines, including street games, event scores, installations, interactive encounters, studio theatre shows and one-to-one performances.

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