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12th February, 2018

The Future of Knowledge – Knowledge Quarter Conference 2018

Event Details

12th February, 2018
9:00 - 20:00
British Museum
Great Russell Street
£50 - £100

The Knowledge Quarter is marking its third anniversary with a one-day Conference of talks and workshops on the future of Knowledge in an age of untruth.  A diverse range of speakers from across the fields of politics, media, philosophy and academia will convene for one inspiring and provocative day of keynote talks, discussion groups and workshops, looking at Knowledge in all its forms.

Knowledge may be the last imperishable currency, but it’s a currency under threat of devaluation. From expertise to echo-chambers and from fact to falsehood ‘The Future of Knowledge’ will mine the uncertainty that underpins our anxious age, exploring the challenges that face the knowledge economy in the early twenty-first Century.

What does it mean to be an ‘expert’ when the sheer scale of information available in this connected world has made us all curators of a vast bank of almost endless data, providing the answers to even the most obscure queries with nothing more than a tap and a swipe?

How can the knowledge economy respond when facts are conflated with quick-fire internet memes, when slick presentation is more highly valued than genuine content, when the very notion of authentic truth has been devalued by the rolling news cycle and the dismissive cynicism of pseudo-science and special interest ‘facts’?

What, in short, is the future of Knowledge the concept, Knowledge the ideal and Knowledge the quantifiable resource?

In addition to a inspirational day of talks, Poet in the City has programmed a poet to be a journalist-spy, soaking up and reflecting on the discussions throughout the day to create poetic chronicles which will be presented at the evening reception.

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