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30th January, 2018

Globalism in history and politics

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Event Details

30th January, 2018
18:00 - 19:30
Rhind Building
City, University of London
Northampton Square

In the current age of globalisation, globalist ideologies and theories are attracting a great deal of interest. In her recent book, The Emergence of Globalism, Dr Or Rosenboim explores the intellectual history of globalism in mid-twentieth century American and British political thought. The book will be a starting point for a stimulating discussion on globalism, global history and global politics.

What are the historical foundations of the globalist ideology? How should we write a ‘global history’? What are the global transformations that changed international relations? What is the influence of global order on individual citizens?

As ‘globalism’ has become a contentious political idea in contemporary public debate, it is important to understand its historical roots. The panel brings together historians and international relations scholars to reflect on the various meanings of ‘globalism’ in the past and today.

Speakers: Dr George Lawson, London School of Economics
Dr Mira Siegelberg, Queen Mary University of London
Dr Marc William Palen, Exeter University
Dr Or Rosenboim, City, University of London

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