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6th December, 2017

From Romans to Victorians Lecture

Event Details

6th December, 2017
18:00 - 20:30
William Barry Lecture Theatre SMR

A historical search around Britain exploring the development of kitchen technology and great course architecture from 1350 to 1856.

From Hadrian’s Wall in CE43 to the historic house of Cragside in 1865, join us as we travel around Great Britain tracing the development of the architecture and technology of the kitchen in castles and great houses. We look at the architectural design of the house and how it changes to incorporate the kitchen. We explore the cooking preparation methods as technology changes in the kitchen. We search for menus and recipes from the Roman settlement at Vindolanda … to The Forme of Cury from King Richard II kitchens … to the great houses of Keddleston and Holkham Hall.

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