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22nd November, 2017

Book launch: Reporting the Middle East, the Practice of News in the 21st Century

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Event Details

22nd November, 2017
18:30 -
Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre
Tait Building
City, University of London
Northampton Square

How do Anglo-American media cover the Middle East? Through a country-by-country approach, Reporting the Middle East, the Practice of News in the 21st Century, Published by IB Tauris, provides detailed analysis of the complexities of reporting from the Middle East and how media represent the region.

Speakers and presentations:

Dr James Rodgers, City, University of London on Limited perspectives: Reporting Gaza

Dr Dina Matar, School of Oriental and African Studies SOAS, on First Framing and News: Lessons from Reporting Jordan

Dr Birce Bora, Editor, Al Jazeera English, on Reporting Turkey: Somewhere between the European Self and the Oriental Other

Dr Mike Berry, Cardiff School of Journalism, on Reporting the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Dr Haider El Safi, Senior Broadcast Journalist at BBC Arabic World Service on Covering Iraq: Observations of a fixer and Journalist

Dr Zahera Harb, City, University of London on Reporting Lebanon: Orientalism as News Practice.


Professor Rosemary Hollis, City, University of London.

More information on the book

Each chapter provides an overview of a country, including the political context, relationships to international politics and the key elements relating to the place as covered in Western media. The authors explore how the media can be used to serve particular political agendas on both a regional and international level. They also consider the changes to the media landscape following the growth of digital and social media, showing how access to the media is no longer restricted to state or elite actors. By studying coverage of the Middle East from a whole range of news providers, this book shows how news formats and practices may be defined and shaped differently by different nations.

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