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8th June, 2017

(Un)touched at Fold Gallery


Event Details

8th June, 2017
End Date:
15th July, 2017
FOLD Gallery London
158 New Cavendish Street, W1W 6YW London, United Kingdom

A collaborative performance installation by choreographer Angela Woodhouse and Visual Artist Nathaniel Rackowe with dancers Stine Nilsen and Martina Conti.

Following the very successful premiere of (Un)touched part 1 at One Canada Square Canary Wharf, as part of Nathaniel Rackowe’s solo exhibition ‘Luminous City’ last year, the collaborators now premiere the completed diptych (Un)touchedParts 1 & 2.

‘…the nature of two women   … transposable interchangeable selves: breath, metal, skin, the gentle pressure of accumulated endurance, of glass and bright light’. Audience response, 2016

The project encompasses two distinct but related works. Each explores simultaneous experiences (and contradictions) of intimacy and distance. Both implicate the audience in the experience in differing ways. For the first work, Nathaniel has created a corridor- like structure that allows for multiple viewing points from outside, within, and through. The glass becomes either transparent or reflective depending on the sequencing of fluorescent lights attached to the steelwork shifting the accent abruptly from a conversation with another to the isolation with ones’ own reflection

The second work presents a glass platform onto which the viewers are invited to walk. Submerged beneath are the two same performers, whose presence is revealed depending on the shifting light, and viewed by the audience from above. This displacement re- articulates the relationship between the performers and audience.

The reality of separation suggests a touch that has no consequences, and yet the act of touch or walking over the surface of a body triggers affecting notions of power, control, and moral (un)certainty.

Funded by Arts Council England, Middlesex University and “Sculpture at Work” Canary Wharf plc.

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