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29th May, 2017

TCCE membership offer 2017/18

TCCE (The Culture Capital Exchange) is a network of Higher Education institutions established in 2005 with Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) funding and first known as LCACE (London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange). We were the first university-led network to focus specifically on knowledge exchange, collaboration and wider engagement between the research base and the arts, cultural and creative sectors in the capital and we continue to pioneer developments in this field throughout England.  

Over the past 12 years we have created new methodologies to support collaborative working and research between the academy and the cultural and creative industries, developing a unique network and deep expertise in this area.

Over the last 2 ½ years we have been working with 16 HEIs throughout the country, as well as our London membership, on our pilot project The National Academics and Creatives Exchange (The Exchange) (  

You can find more detailed information on TCCE on our website and read our last annual report here.


One of TCCE’s unique strengths is that, as a small, independent organisation, we can quickly adapt and respond to changing environments to support changing priorities. In the last year we have worked hard with our members and critical friends to refine our membership offer and price structure and to reflect the unique network, skills and opportunities we offer in a direct and more affordable way.

We have, as a result of this consultation, developed a brand new membership package that reflects what our members most need and value from TCCE at a price that will be acceptable in these challenging times.



TCCE will deliver an annual programme based on what our members value most about us, namely that we are an independent, knowledgeable and accessible connecting hub for academy/arts networking and for nurturing connections between HEIs and the cultural and creative sectors.  Furthermore we plan to more proactively contribute to the evidence base around the value of academy, the arts, creative and culture industries collaborations.

Core TCCE benefits

  • Three high-quality ‘must go to’ events per year These will be delivered with input from industry partners (arts/culture and creative industries) and will utilise a number of methodologies including discussions, workshops, performances and walks.  These events will be future facing, identifying new areas of priority, interest or concern to members, and will use TCCE’s network and collaborative methodologies to develop forward looking discussions, partnerships and collaborations.  One of these will be aimed specifically at supporting ECRs and at least one will take place outside London. TCCE members will receive 5 free places (which you will allocate internally) per event and a further number of reduced cost places.
  • TCCE Brokerage and Networking Forums
    6 free bi-Monthly brokerage and networking sessions per year. These will be bookable online for your researchers and will enable peer-to-peer learning and information sharing as well as the opportunity to network with arts and creative industries professionals, policy makers, funders and thought leaders.
  • Free quarterly members e-newsletter and opportunity digest. This will act as vehicle to promote TCCE members activities directly to the cultural and creative sector.
  • Free online access to collaboration knowledge assets and networking fora via The Exchange database.

TCCE Price Points

Band 1 Institutional Income below £50 million income = £4K + VATpa

Band 2  Institutional Income between £50 million – £250 million = £6K + VATpa Band 3 Institutional Income above £250 million = £8k + VAT pa


Out of London HEIs will receive a discount of 30% on these rates

The price point of £4K will also be applicable to individual Schools, unless their income is significantly higher than £50 million per annum.  

Additional Bespoke services (through TCCE Projects)

TCCE has a substantial history of successfully delivering large-scale multi-funder and multi-partner projects such as Creativeworks London (, The Exchange ( and our new flagship project Boosting Resilience: Survival Skills for the New Normal ( We also have a history of working with individual academics to curate specific programmes on their behalf.

We will be happy to encourage and support TCCE Members to tailor, or add value, to their membership package to suit their individual requirements by contracting TCCE Projects to deliver the following types of services:

  • Site visits and or meetings to support individual academics with information, surgeries, brokerage or other support:
  • Directors £500 + vat per day equiv (min half day London)
  • Senior staff £300 + vat per day
  • Workshop/events development – by negotiation
  • Bid development – by negotiation
  • Public Engagement Packages (e.g via being named on funding bids developed by academics wishing to work with the arts/cultural/creative sectors, and / or to develop pathways to impact within these sectors) – from £5,000
  • Contribution to conferences, chairing sessions etc – by negotiation

Please let us have your Expressions of Interest by 6th June. For further information, please email the TCCE Directors

or call 020 3897 0770/1

TCCE May 2017

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