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23rd May, 2017



Event Details

23rd May, 2017
19:00 - 20:30
St Dunstan and All Saints Stepney
Stepney High Street
E1 0NR

This unique concert will feature works created with computers as creative partners drawing on a uniquely human tradition: instrumental folk music.

We aren’t so interested in whether a computer can compose a piece of music as well as a human, but instead how we composers, musicians and engineers can use artificial intelligence to explore creative domains we hadn’t thought of before. This follows on from recent sensational stories of artificial intelligence making both remarkable achievements — a computer beating humans at Jeopardy! — and unintended consequences — a chatbot mimicking racist tropes.

We are now living in an age, for better or worse, when artificial intelligence is seamlessly integrated into the daily life of many. It is easy to feel surrounded and threatened, but at the same time empowered by these new tools. Find more information in our recent article at The Conversation: ‘Machine folk’ music composed by AI shows technology’s creative side.

Other Featured performers:
Úna Monaghan: a composer and researcher currently based at Cambridge, will perform her works for Irish harp and live electronics, combining elements of Irish traditional music with computer sound, controlled via motion sensor and pitch detection.
Elaine Chew: a musician and Professor at the Centre for Digital Music, will perform a series of solo piano works “re-composed” by MorpheuS.

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