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19th April, 2017

Honorary Professorship at Tsinghua University for Principal Ed Byrne


King’s President & Principal Professor Ed Byrne has received an Honorary Distinguished Visiting Professorship from leading Chinese institution, Tsinghua University.


Professor Byrne, spoke at Tsinghua’s Global Vision Lecture Series on the topic of ‘How can leading research universities make a greater contribution to society and the economy in an increasingly connected world?


Tsinghua is a rising star among Chinese universities, building on its strengths in natural and physical sciences, and engineering. During the visit, Principal Byrne met with Professor Xu Chen, the University Council Chairperson, to discuss collaboration to complement the young and ambitious medical school established at Tsinghua in 2001.


During the talk, with an audience of 80 staff and students at Tsinghua, Professor Byrne outlined that world-class universities need to “have a critical mass of international reach or connectivity in terms of the linkages and partnerships they enjoy with other universities, businesses, government agencies, charities and scientific and cultural hubs around the world.”


The Principal’s Honorary Professorship at Tsinghua reflects our continued positive relationship with leading institutions in China. King’s values, outlined in the Strategic Vision 2029 and the International Strategic Priorities, support international partnerships that allow collaborative work to make the world a better place.

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