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7th April, 2017

Interaction Design and the Postdigital Sublime

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Event Details

7th April, 2017
13:00 -
College Building
City, University of London
St John Street

Emerging social and digital media environments in the present and recent past call for an interrogation of interactive system narratives and a critique of the imaginations of purity and rationality that remain associated with digital technology. To interrogate user-participant behaviours, which include a seemingly bewildering range of diversity that includes many transgressive behaviours, the postdigital sublime and a delinquent system aesthetic that extends, rather than narrows, interactive experience, can serve as a framework for both theoretical and practical research into experience design.


About the speaker:

Carina Westling received a PhD in 2016 from the University of Sussex. Her past and present research includes working with Punchdrunk theatre company as a researching designer, ongoing research collaborations with national and international neuroscientists, bioengineers and HCI researchers into embodied participant behaviours to investigate how people respond to states of engagement, boredom and frustration, and an artistic research practice as Creative Director at the Nimbus Group.


The event is open to all however if you are not a member of the University and would like to attend, please contact for further details

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