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6th April, 2017

SmART Cities and Waste Research Workshop


Event Details

6th April, 2017
Room 305 The Grove Building, Middlesex University, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BT

This workshop will examine the topic of waste from a science, policy and creative arts perspective

This free event is open to staff, students and those interested in the waste topic from a science, policy and creative arts perspective.

The event brings together material and environmental scientists with social, policy and waste facility managers and creative artists/students working with waste and recycled materials. The workshop waste theme is Urban Streams & Flows, including Water, Electronic-waste, Nanotechnology/ Biomining and Repair-not-Waste. Following presentations and discussion, hands on workshops and artist exhibitions will explore how materials can be transformed from waste to new products.

The aim of the AHRC-funded Network is to develop a forum for knowledge exchange and debate across art & humanities and science disciplines, with a common focus on waste treatment, management and innovation.

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