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21st February, 2017

Impossible Partnerships: Citizen Science – The Hive Mind

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21st February, 2017
15:00 - 17:00
The Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle St, Mayfair, London W1S 4BS

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Impossible Partnerships: Citizen Science – The Hive Mind
FROM 3pm to 5.30pm, 21st FEBRUARY 2017 @ The Royal Institution

The Culture Capital Exchange, in collaboration with The Royal Institution and City University London, invites you to a roundtable discussion about Citizen Science and the scenarios that might change the way we investigate the natural world and beyond, leveraging on the community’s expertise.

Citizen science connects the professionals of big science to the back garden enthusiasts. The idea is that science aficionados, from mountains and seas, from islands and deserts should be able to contribute to a project. With strength in numbers, big data will empower our very community to reach reliable conclusions, working alongside the brightest minds in the planet. This will not only help science to progress, but also to boost our sense of community, self-esteem and it will bring us together through curiosity.

We aim to establish a network of interested individuals, enthusiastic about this new methodology of investigation and willing to be part of a cross-disciplinary network, promoting citizen science.

Potential research topics to be discussed include:

  • Can a large number of non-experts solve a scientific problem as effectively  as a small team of experts?
  • What kind of problems can be solved in this way?
  • What is the role of the Arts and Humanities in this context?
  • What do these problems need from participants?

This Impossible Partnership will be led by Dr Arti Agrawal, Senior Lecturer from the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, and Martin Davies, Public Programme Manager at the Royal Institution. This gathering will be of interest to the enthusiasts of the natural and social sciences and artists. This includes psychologists, sociologists, economists, statisticians, data scientists, information technologists and all of those who want to step up from passive recipients to active contributors to these great challenges.

Want to know more about Citizen Science? Check out these superb projects: The Big Bell Test, GalaxyZoo or Zooniverse or how about this wonderful TED talk on mysterious stars.

Impossible Partnerships: a series of small-scale, informal, convivial meetings, developed and curated by TCCE to boost the collaborative potential of projects and topics, in order to support new networks between research and the creative sectors. Throughout the year, we map common trends among researchers and entrepreneurs, tackling topics from a variety of angles. As a result, we foster aggregate of collaborative networks will thrive, develop across institutions, and reach out beyond the academy.

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