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17th November, 2016

Psychology Seminar Series: Dr Jackie Gray


Event Details

17th November, 2016
Hendon Town Hall, Committee Room 2, Middlesex University, the Burroughs, London, NW4 4BT

Dr Jackie Gray – Associate Professor in Forensic Psychology – presents on the different types of trolling
Internet trolling is a relatively modern phenomenon, and the term is used to encompass a variety of behaviours that on consideration appear to differ in some key characteristics.

This presentation will discuss the findings from some preliminary research examining the perception of different types of trolling, and also consider some factors that may influence these perceptions.

The first study discussed addresses the development of a scale that assesses beliefs about the motivations for trolling of different types, and appropriate responses to these behaviours.

The second and third studies reported then focus on factors that may influence the perception of troll behaviour: in terms of priming values related to the importance of the freedom of speech and also in relation to the nature of the target of the trolling.

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