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2nd November, 2016

How many…? What can we do when we cannot count?


Event Details

2nd November, 2016
18:15 -
Windsor Building Auditorium, Royal Holloway, University of London

The question “How many…?” is frequently asked every day. For example, “how many steps do I take in a day?” or “how many times do I check my e-mail?” For many such questions it is possible to simply count (possibly with some help, for example, with a Fitbit). However, the question can be more difficult to answer. For example, “how many individuals are sleeping rough in London” or “how many injecting drug users are there in Scotland?” For these questions, it is much more difficult to answer than simply counting, as individuals may be “hidden” or difficult to observe. In this talk Professor King will discuss statistical tools that can be used to estimate such populations when we can only partially observe the population using a variety of different sources. Real examples will be provided to demonstrate a range of underlying issues.

Professor Ruth King is the Thomas Bayes’ Chair of Statistics at the University of Edinburgh. Her research concentrates on the development of statistical tools and techniques for analysing different forms of data, primarily within the areas of ecology and epidemiology.

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