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14th October, 2016

King’s Cross: 5 Years In, 5 Years On


Event Details

14th October, 2016
LVMH Lecture Theatre, Central Saint Martins, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, King's Cross N1C 4AA

Engage with a dynamic panel of speakers from across the King’s Cross area as we critically evaluate and discuss ‘King’s Cross: 5 Years In, 5 Years On’.

This autumn marks five years since CSM’s landmark move to Granary Square. After 150 years as an active then disused industrial space, the area now known as N1C is seeing significant changes across residential, commercial, educational, social and cultural engagement. What impacts have these changes had on King’s Cross since 2011, and what potential has yet to be explored in the five years ahead?

At this crucial halfway point within the 10-year development plan, key stakeholders will come together to look at how King’s Cross has transformed to date and what could lie ahead. Representatives from CSM and Argent will give an introduction to the theme, which panelists including Roly Keating (British Library and Chair of the Knowledge Quarter), Olly Wainwright (The Guardian) and Sarah Elie (Somers Town Community Association) will join to discuss.

This 5 Years In, 5 Years On event coincides with Brain Waves, CSM’s London Design Festival exhibition which runs in the Lethaby Gallery between 17 September and 29 October, which is being supported by King’s Cross. After the panel discussion, guests will have the opportunity to visit Brain Waves for drinks and networking until 8pm.

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