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19th March, 2007

The Art of Partnership Conference

Event Details

19th March, 2007
The Unicorn Theatre, Southwark

The Art of Partnership was a one-day conference developed by LCACE to stimulate thinking about and awareness of the potential for collaborations between Higher Education and the arts/cultural industries.

The conference provided a platform to discuss how Knowledge Exchange between HE and the arts/cultural industries is working, examined how such partnerships are being recognised within the wider context of the Knowledge Economy, highlighted models of innovative practice between the two sectors and encouraged networking and knowledge sharing between the two sectors.

The event was attended by academics and university Knowledge Transfer professionals, arts/cultural industries professionals, practitioners and policy makers.

You can read a written summary of the conference here.

Contributors/Speakers: Professor Rick Trainor, King’s College London; Charles Saumarez-Smith, National Gallery; Charles Leadbeater, Innovation and creativity expert; Bronac Ferran, ACE Westminster; Richard Halkett, NESTA; Lisa Mooney-Smith, Research Exchange Network; Dr Mark Miodownik, KCL; Sally Jane Norman, Newcastle University; Julie Taylor AHRC.

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