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8th March, 2016

Dido and Aeneas

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8th March, 2016
Lawerence Hall, UWL
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The opera class that forms part of the undergraduate classical singers course, and joined by a postgraduate, is putting on a staged production of Dido and Aenes in March. We are very fortunate to have Morag McClaren directing and for the first time, some of the music theatre students are joining us to sing in the chorus and one of the students in the theatre course working as Stage Manager. The LCM string players will be forming the orchestra, with Stephen Rose on harpsichord. For our students, this is the first time that many of them will have performed in a fully staged production.

Rehearsals have been a particularly special experience for all the students involved and much of the staging and the ideas for the production have originate from them through workshops and rehearsals. We very much forward to seeing you at one of the performances.

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