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25th February, 2016

Double Bill; ReDoing GENDER 1.5 / The WOMANhouse

Event Details

25th February, 2016
Laban Theatre, Creekside, London SE8 3DZ
£16 (£12 concessions)

“A show of power that left the audience breathless and enriched” – The Danish Arts Council

British born Constantinou, selected for Aerowaves16 as one of the 20 most exciting choreographers in Europe, returns to the UK for this showcase performance.

ReDoing GENDER 1.5 is an award-winning solo performed by Constantinou. It challenges patriarchal masculinities to question normative gender roles; from classical sculptures of male ideals, a gender-confused ape, a box-headed individual, to a full blown crying baby with a man’s body. ReDoing GENDER 1.5 is filled with intense imagery displaying one man’s search for identity under the gaze of the patriarchy.

In The WOMANhouse, four female performers abandon their feminine worlds to step into a male universe, transforming themselves into men and questioning their masculinities. What is it to be man? Is this the same as being masculine? Does your body define your gender? Where does the masculine begin and the feminine end? With these questions in mind, the lines between constructed maleness and their own female bodies
are explored.

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