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11th February, 2016

Who am I? The embodied foundation of the self

Event Details

11th February, 2016
Windsor Building Auditorium
Admission free but pre-booking is essential

Professor Manos Tsakiris
Department of Psychology

Questions that have been previously asked only in philosophical investigations, such as the nature of the self, have now become accessible to experimental psychology and cognitive neurosciences. Recent advances in research methods and experimental designs have enabled us to study experimentally our sense of self. The lecture will focus on recent studies that probe the nature of the mental representation of the self. In particular,
converging evidence suggests that awareness of one’s body is intimately linked to self-identity, the sense of being “me”. Interestingly, the same mechanisms that give rise to body-awareness are also important for the self’s social cognition.

The lecture will be followed by a reception in the Windsor Building Foyer.

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