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23rd February, 2016

Talking Trailblazers: XL founder Nick Halkes and producer Eddy Temple-Morris

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23rd February, 2016
Concert Room, Grove B building, Middlesex University, London, NW4 4BT

Julia Haferkorn chairs a talk with Producer/Presenter Eddy Temple Morris and XL Recordings founder Nick Halkes

This year sees the launch of Trailblazers, a new radio show/podcast and YouTube series presented by Eddy Temple Morris and Nick Halkes. It will feature discussion with leading figures from the dance and electronic music scene and broadcast the music that has been significant in their lives and careers.

To mark this, Eddy and Nick join Middlesex University to talk through Nick’s own trailblazing 25-plus-year career in the dance/electronic music industry.

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