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9th December, 2015

Ancient and Modern/East meets West

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9th December, 2015
The Performance Space, Centre for Digital Music, Engineering Building, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, E1 4NS
Various, see website

Iranian music scientist and master of the Santur, Peyman Heyradian, brings together a group of musicians to create a vibrant and mysterious world of music that spans the ancient traditions of Iran and contemporary jazz.  The santur is a magical sounding instrument, and tonight it is put together with the Magnetic Resonator Piano (MRP), an instrument of beguiling sonorities.  The MRP is the creation of Dr Andrew McPherson of QMUL’s Centre for Digital Music.  It is an electronically-augmented acoustic piano capable of eliciting new sounds acoustically from the piano strings, without speakers.

Earlier in the day (3pm to 5pm) you can be part of an immersive workshop in which you can learn about the Magnetic Resonator Piano and play it, and become involved in music making, guided by Peyman and his fantastic musicians.

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