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6th October, 2015

What is The Art of Mindfulness?

Event Details

6th October, 2015
19.00 - 21.00
Anatomy Museum 6th floor Strand Campus

Join us for a fascinating introduction to modern Mindfulness with neuroscientist, psychologist and leading Mindfulness trainer Dr Tamara Russell as she asks: What is The Art of Mindfulness – and how can it benefit us in everyday life?

Dr Russell will explore the concept of Mindfulness from the multiple perspectives of brain science, history, psychology and martial arts, showing us how we can all find our own way to a rewarding practice.

The evening will include an overview of Mindfulness within contemporary society, practical guided exercises, and an outline of the 5 main principles of Mindfulness taught in the Art of Mindfulness course. The event will be followed by an audience Q&A.

Curious? Confused? Skeptical? This is your chance to ask a leading Mindfulness expert all the questions you ever wanted to ask…

What is Mindfulness?
How can Mindfulness benefit me?
What can I expect to learn on the Art of Mindfulness 5-week training course?

This event is presented by Run Riot Projects and supported by Culture at King’s College London.

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