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22nd October, 2015

Inside Out Festival 2015: Some Things Rich and Strange

Event Details

22nd October, 2015
17.45 to 18.45
The Octagon, Queen Mary University of London, Queens Building, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS
£5, £2 (students)

As part of The Cultural Capital Exchange’s Inside Out Festival, Music at QMUL invites you to explore rare and lesser-known Twentieth Century masterworks of passionate intensity, and to delve deeper into the world of composition and performance.

This multi-dimensional event brings together members of the London Chamber Orchestra and QMUL’s Centre for Digital Music, one of the leading music research centres of its kind in the world.  The audience can choose to explore between Arno Babajanian’s romantically pulsating piano trio of 1952, a talk and/or related film.  In the second half the audiences come together to hear members of the London Chamber Orchestra with pianist Karim Said in romantic works of Twentieth Century Vienna. The concert ends with Schoenberg’s dramatic portrayal of Napoleon Bonaparte using Byron’s text.

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