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14th October, 2015

From Burke to 'Burking' – The Legacy of Burke & Hare

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14th October, 2015
18.30 - 20.30
Barts Pathology Museum, Queen Mary, University of London

In 1828, William Burke and William Hare embarked on a murder spree that was to shock the civilised world to its core. The word ‘burking’ has become synonymous with their crimes as well as inspiring the London Burkers who supplied the medical schools of London with fresh cadavers for dissection. Discover how it all started and how it left its chilling mark on British history, and still infiltrates popular culture today.

John Baxter is a historian whose main study area is the Burke and Hare Murders and more broadly, bodysnatching across Britain. He is owner of a walking tour company focussing on murder locations in Edinburgh and has been featured on ITV and BBC talking about grave robbing and the West Port Murders. He has spoken extensively on the subject and has been enlisted as a consultant for TV, film and stage.

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