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29th May, 2015

Call for Ideas: The Academic Book of the Future

The Culture Capital Exchange is delighted to be working in collaboration with “The Academic Book of the Future” project.  You can find further information about this exciting initiative here:

As part of the Inside Out Festival 2015 (week of 19th October 2015) we would like to feature an event or small series of events tying in with the theme of “Research in Odd Shapes”.  We are looking for public facing, interactive events, workshops, walks and talks etc. that will reveal the unexpected aspects, outcomes and impacts of research that doesn’t fit the “typical” understanding of what research looks like, i.e. the monograph.

We are open to a creative event formats, and welcome novel approaches and big ideas, however all proposals must be targeted at a general rather than academic audience.  We are more likely to be able to support ideas that are time limited and quite self-contained.  It is unlikely we will be able to support exhibitions that last several days.  There will be a modest event budget available, and TCCE will assist with event production, press, PR and marketing.

Please send your initial outline ideas to  If you would like an informal conversation prior to submitting your outline, please contact Suzie Leighton

This call is only open to academics from TCCE member universities, you can see the list of members here.

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