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15th May, 2015

Journalism Innovation Summit

Event Details

15th May, 2015
9.00 - 17.30
Early bird registration is £100 for professionals and £25 for students

One-day summit focusing on innovative content and innovative business models to combat challenges facing journalism today. You’ll hear from innovators at traditional journalism outlets as well as startups looking to disrupt the news. Breakout groups in the morning and afternoon will enable knowledge sharing and networking.

The Summit will be equal parts learning, sharing and networking with the brightest minds in the industry. The day will be split into two parts: The morning will highlight innovative content from top journalists, while the afternoon will focus on innovative business models. Each half of the program will feature a keynote speaker, a moderated panel and breakout groups led by panelists and speakers. The breakouts will feature collaborative discussions in which attendees will share their own experiences, challenges and solutions.

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