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6th May, 2015

Images, Martyrdom and Terrorism

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6th May, 2015
14.00 to 16.30
Main Lecture Theatre, London College of Communication , Elephant and Castle SE1 6SB
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Beheadings and being burning alive: is this the rebirth of the Middle Ages?

No, because the images of this medieval-style violence are being distributed through ultra-modern technology.

The effect of the web means that events that would have taken months in previous centuries to become notorious by word of mouth are now broadcast instantly. That also means that, in our fast-moving media world, they fade quickly from notice. And, as killing followings killing, the resulting films may just end up feeding jaundiced appetites for atrocity porn.

This discussion event explores recent work by researchers both within and outside UAL on the important topics terrorism, martyrdom and mediated images. And we are especially delighted to be joined by Prof. Julian Stallabrass who is a leading researcher on the role of images in modern and contemporary culture.

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