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24th April, 2015

MozART Group Family Film Screening

Event Details

24th April, 2015
16.00 - 16.50
Lecture Theatre, National Maritime Museum
Free but ticketed

A unique film screening for all the family, in which the music and not the words becomes the source of joy and laughter. Prepare to be amazed and moved to tears (of mirth) by the originality, musical and non-musical skill and the astonishing inventiveness shown in this series of comic sketches by the MozART Group, for whom nothing in classical music is sacred, and yet in which the music seems to emerge as all the more precious and beautiful.

String quartets will never seem the same after you have seen the Dental Ave Maria, the MoZART group’s version of Titanic, Eine Kleine World Music and Gypsum Kings.

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