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15th October, 2014

Arts & Humanities Festival 2014: underground

Event Details

15th October, 2014
End Date:
24th October, 2014

The Arts & Humanities Festival is an annual event which celebrates and disseminates the work going on across the different Departments and Research Centres within the Faculty of Arts & Humanities here at King’s College London.

It is a bringing together of academic practices, an opportunity for collaboration between departments, across the College, and with external partners. It’s a showcase of the research going on throughout the Faculty, with an emphasis on practical applications and public engagement.

A range of events take place across the Festival, including exhibitions, performances, lectures, readings, roundtables, debates, film screenings, Q&A sessions and guided walks/ tours. Nearly all the events are free and open to the public.

Further information & booking visit the Kings College London website.

arts & humanities festival

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