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16th May, 2014

Kingston's commemorations 1914: Remembering Kingston at war

Event Details

16th May, 2014
End Date:
16th August, 2014
Kingston Museum, Wheatfield Way, KT1 2PS

As part of the commemorations and to recognise Kingston residents’ involvement in the war, Kingston Museum will be holding an exhibition from 16 May to 16 August.

The exhibition will tell the often forgotten stories of the war. We will record and commemorate the contributions made by local people in the conflict by taking a themed approach to the roles they undertook during the conflict:

• the men and women working long hours to produce fighter planes like the Sopwith Camel
• young soldiers who enlisted to fight in Europe despite being under age
• the Belgian families who came to Kingston looking for a safe refuge
• the doctors and nurses caring for shell-shocked soldiers
• the men and women working in reserved occupations and the conscientious objectors who advocated peace despite the threat of prosecution

For more information, visit the Kingston University website.

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