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8th July, 2014

Inaugural lecture: Professor Antonia Bifulco

Event Details

8th July, 2014
Room HG19, Hendon campus

Professorial Inaugural Lecture – Life Stress and Depression: the Importance of Meaning and Measurement

Depression is a serious and debilitating disorder, highly prevalent in the community and judged to be one of the major disorders worldwide of increasing concern for public and clinical health policy.
Its causes are multiple, but life stress is shown to be a major contributor. However, the specific association of life events to disorder has in recent times become blurred, in large part due to the choice of questionnaire approaches to life events in research, particularly that around genetic contributions to depressive vulnerability.
Using intensive interview tools which can capture the context and meaning of experience and yet achieve objective scoring procedures can provide more sensitive and extensive markers of stressful experience.

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