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11th June, 2014

Aracaladanza – Constellations

Event Details

11th June, 2014
11.00am, 6.00pm
End Date:
12th June, 2014
Laban Theatre Creekside, London SE8 3DZ
£10, £7.50 concessions

Multi-award winning international company Aracaladanza consistently delights audiences throughout Europe with their extraordinarily magical dance theatre made especially for children and families. In Constellations, choreographer Enrique Cabrera has taken the brilliantly abstract work of artist Joan Miró as his starting point and repeatedly fills his imaginary blank canvas with vivid colours, shape and movement. Wonderful dance, ingenious puppetry and terrific digital visuals are delivered with the trademark playfulness, creativity and style which mark this company out as one of the most accessible, and one of the best.

For more information, visit the Trinity Laban website.

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