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29th April, 2014

New online tool produced by King’s College London promises to put academic research in hands of cultural sector

The Cultural Institute at King’s College London is today launching CultureCase, a new, free-to-use web resource that will put academic research to work in the cultural sector. CultureCase will give practitioners access to ‘lay’ summaries of academic research to support evidence-based decision-making and help build the case for investment.

Created in response to a growing demand across the sector for access to evidence, and designed to meet its questions and challenges, the resource translates academic-standard research into culture into digestible 300-word summaries available in one portal for the first time:

Built in collaboration with experts from across the cultural and Higher Education sectors, CultureCase includes a selection of the most relevant and robust research and aims to provide a practical tool for arts practitioners and decision-makers.

Deborah Bull, director, Cultural Partnerships at King’s College London, said:

‘One of the drivers behind my move to King’s from the Royal Opera House was my passion to connect the sector I had been part of for 31 years with the evidence about its impact and value. There is a growing body of academic research into arts and culture but all too often it is written and disseminated in ways that make it hard to access by the artists and organisations that could benefit from it most.

‘The Cultural Institute aims to bridge the divide between academic research and cultural policy, production and practice and CultureCase is a tangible example of this ambition in action. By making key research findings freely available to the sector, we hope to facilitate new and imaginative conversations and collaborations between the twin cultures of academia and the arts”.


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