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26th February, 2014

Into the Fold

Event Details

26th February, 2014
End Date:
21st March, 2014
Camberwell Space Camberwell College of Arts, 45 - 65 Peckham Road, London SE5 8UF

An event questioning the ideology of the studio and gallery space, materialising in the form of an exhibition through a temporary and spontaneous community of practice.

The second instalment of Into the Fold emerges as a series of multi disciplinary activities to create an exhibition within a gallery space. Can an exhibition be a combination of making and visual spaces, dismantling the language that separates these two entities to create one?
Many creative disciplines are similar in expression and to an extent origination: art, design, film, architecture, composing, writing, etc. are all located through context and infrastructure. It is this blending of space, time, activity and motivation that Into the Fold will investigate.

Into the Fold will begin with ten days of activity exploring five themes: Ideology, Place, Play, Language and Meta. The results of these activities will become the exhibition, with both students and creative practitioners taking part in the project.

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Looking forward @JS_Diaspora opening a discussion with stimulus from award winning film #MyNameIs @mynameisdocu on 'Decolonising the self before we can decolonise HE & culture' @RADA_London via @InfoTCCE tomorrow as part of a broader event from 1pm to 3pm. Deets to follow in🧵

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