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10th April, 2014

DSUK Conference

Event Details

10th April, 2014
End Date:
12th April, 2014
Barts Pathology Museum (Queen Mary, University of London)

This UK conference specifically, held at Barts Pathology Museum, endeavours to engage various demographics (the public, medical students, historians etc) with aspects of death from a scholarly, medical-humanities perspective. The venue itself, which has grown into a shining example of public engagement, dictates the topics of this three day conference. Within the walls of Barts Pathology Museum, history meets medicine, epidemiology meets art, and public health meets literature, meaning that death can be discussed from many angles, not just biomedical science alone. In fact, Death Salon is bringing the work of academics and death professionals to the public in an approachable but intellectual way while also encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration towards the goal of death acceptance and cultural understanding.

This three-day event will be split into three loose themes, ante-mortemperi-mortem and post-mortem and each day will run from approximately 9am (for registration) to 5:30pm. In this way talks are loosely categorised into preparation for death, occurrences around the time of death and events which manifest long after death. Those who purchase three-day tickets will be invited to attend a special ‘opening night’ evening event on Wed April 9th.

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