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11th October, 2013

Trash Bodies: Metal Sculpture Exhibition

Event Details

11th October, 2013
8am - 8pm
End Date:
25th October, 2013
Quadrangle, King's College London, Strand, London WC2R 2LS

Part of the Arts & Humanities Festival 2013: Being | Human

The  exhibition will be in the Quad for the full Festival fortnight and will be available to view during campus opening hours.

Gilbert Whyman’s sculptures celebrate the body, both human and animal. Some represent it classically, in classic materials – bronze, clay, wood. Others are more playful, inventing parodic forms out of industrial debris – scrap metal, plastic containers, wire and netting – and at the same time celebrating the human ability to transform the recognisable, and to recognise the transformations.

Examples of a wider range of his work can be seen on his website at: For more information please see the King’s College London website

Main image credit: Seven Conspirators, Gilbert Whyman ARBS.

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