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30th September, 2013

Doing Business with China – Language and Culture

Event Details

30th September, 2013
End Date:
2nd December, 2013
City University London, Northampton Square, London EC1V 0HB

Ever wondered what tea to serve to your business contact to clinch the deal? If you are selling to the Chinese, this could make or break the sale!

City University London’s new course in Doing Business with China covers the essential elements of Chinese business interactions as well as basic Mandarin communication.

This is a course for complete beginners that runs for one term only. Each class is three hours long. The teaching time is equally split between studying business culture and etiquette, and giving students a solid foundation in Chinese Mandarin.

Students will learn the importance of hierarchy in the Chinese business culture; explore the intricacies of gift giving and business card exchange; and familiarise themselves with the accepted codes of behaviour.

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