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23rd September, 2013


Event Details

23rd September, 2013
2pm - 7pm
Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AP

An afternoon of inspiring, thought-provoking and entertaining talks exploring how art and science fit together in the modern world

The central theme of TEDxAlbertopolis, ‘A Tale of Two Cultures’, draws on the heritage of Albertopolis, itself a symbol of the symbiotic relationship between the arts and sciences.

Hosted by Dr Daniel Glaser, Director of Science Gallery at King’s College London, this entertaining and educational half-day of talks will explore how art and science fit together in the modern world. The diverse line-up of speakers includes:

•    Max Barclay, collections manager at the Natural History Museum, responsible for 100,000 species of beetles, including specimens collected by Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace.
•    David Braben, British videogame legend, and Founding Trustee of the (non-edible) Raspberry Pi foundation.
•    Chief Medical Officer for England, Professor Dame Sally Davies is the UK Government’s principal medical advisor and Emeritus Professor at Imperial College London.
•    John Halpern, the youngest cryptic crossword setter for the papers such as Guardian, The Times, The FT and The Daily Telegraph.
•    Artist in residence at the V&A Julia Lohmann is also director of ‘the Department of Seaweed’ – producing unique installations from kelp.
•    Nicholas McCarthy, the first one-handed pianist to graduate from the Royal College of Music.
•    Roland Lamb, designer, entrepreneur and inventor of the Seaboard, an instrument so new it doesn’t even have it’s own Wikipedia page yet, and is set to ‘revolutionise how we make music’.
•    Hannah Redler, Head of Media Space and Arts Programme at the Science Museum.

For further information visit the TEDxAlbertopolis website or the King’s College London website. Twitter: @TEDxAlbrtopolis Facebook: /TEDxAlbertopolis

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