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15th June, 2013

Iconic Images of Political Violence

Event Details

15th June, 2013
Arts 2 Building, Mile End Campus, Queen Mary University

 This one-day conference examines iconic photographic and filmic images of political violence that have had significant afterlives via their reproduction in varied media forms and that have become central to collective understandings of the events that engendered them. The conference will combine case studies on specific images associated with war and genocide with reflection on the wider field and its underlying assumptions, methods and disciplinary contexts. Presentations will consider how such iconic images can be understood in relation to their production and reproduction contexts, national, transnational and cosmopolitan terrains, debates about medium specificity, the still/moving dialectic, the digital turn and other fields where the iconic is a key point of orientation.

Speakers include Richard Raskin (Aarhus), Toby Haggith (Imperial War Museum), Kate McLoughlin (Birkbeck), Piotr Cieplak (SOAS), Jeremy Hicks (QMUL), Guy Westwell (QMUL) and Libby Saxton (QMUL).

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The conference is being held in association with the Screen Studies Group.

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