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25th April, 2013

Professor Maurice Biriotti

CEO of SHM and Founding Trustee of the SHM Foundation

Professor Maurice Biriotti is the Chief Executive of SHM and a Founding Trustee of the SHM Foundation. Until 1996, Professor Biriotti was a full-time academic, working at the universities of Cambridge, Birmingham and Zurich. His published work covers literature, philosophy, anthropology and the dynamics of cultural change. He left academia to set up SHM, a strategy and insight consultancy based in London, that he leads as its Chief Executive. SHM grew out of the insight that human motivation is at the root of all business success and is critical to business innovation and the delivery of competitive advantage. Professor Biriotti has applied this insight successfully across both the public and private sectors and it remains at the heart of all of the work the company carries out. He continues to maintain close ties with academia, holding posts at University College London and Yale University. Professor Biriotti is currently leading an interdisciplinary project looking at what neuroscience and the humanities can tell us about intractable conflict.


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