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15th April, 2013

Amanda Goodall

Amanda Goodall is a Senior Lecturer at Cass Business School. Her career began in the fashion industry, followed by a decade in the UK charitable sector, and finally a move into universities. Amanda’s research is on leadership and organisational performance. Her central argument is that leaders should have a deep understanding of the core business of the organisations they are to lead. Being a good manager alone, she suggests, is not sufficient. Amanda completed a PhD on university leadership at Warwick Business School in 2007 – ‘Socrates in the Boardroom: Why research universities should be led by top scholars’ (Princeton University Press, 2009). She studies leaders in hospitals, in highly competitive fields such as Formula 1 Championships, and is moving into arts leadership. She publishes in both academic journals and practitioner magazines, and is regularly featured in the media.

Her work can be found at



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