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13th September, 2012

Queen Anne: the politics of passion

Event Details

13th September, 2012
Hampton Court Palace
£12 / £10 HRP Members

Evening talk with Anne Somerset, King’s College London

Renowned biographer Anne Somerset will lay bare one of Britain’s most remarkable monarchs, the last of the Stuart line. Traditionally depicted as a weak ruler – haunted by remorse at having deposed her father, unable to produce an heir despite seventeen pregnancies, and dominated by Sarah Churchill and other female favourites – Queen Anne’s reign was nevertheless distinguished by many political triumphs.

In her time as monarch, 1702-14, she presided over some of the most momentous events in the nation’s history, from union with Scotland to glorious victories in the war against France. Drawing widely on unpublished sources, this talk will vividly depict Anne as a woman whose unshakeable commitment to duty enabled her to overcome private tragedy, setting her newly united kingdom on the path to greatness.

This event includes a drinks reception.

For more information please visit Queen Anne: the politics of passion.

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